Designing for accessibility is not that hard

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Seven easy-to-implement guidelines to design a more accessible web.

Nice read by Pablo Stanley on Digital Accessibility.
Digital accessibility refers to the practice of building digital content and applications that can be used by a wide range of people, including individuals who have visual, motor, auditory, speech, or cognitive disabilities.

Remove the “Protected:” prefix for password protected posts

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How to remove the “Protected:” prefix for password protected posts in WordPress.
The idea here was to remove the “Protected:” prefix that is displayed before the Post title in the header title, leaving only the Post title displayed.
To achieve this I needed to modify the PHP in the functions.php theme file, adding a filter, function, and return.
In order to edit you’ll need to login to the WordPress dashboard, and then Appearance > Editor > functions.php
Add the following code listed below at the end of the file.

Copy of the code below:

* edit – removes the ‘Protected:’ part from password protected posts titles
add_filter( ‘protected_title_format’, ‘remove_protected_text’
function remove_protected_text() {
return __(‘%s’);